Have you ever been to an energy worker and wished, “if only they would do a little muscle work on that spot?” Or, been in a massage and wished, “if only they would just pause and pay attention to the chi in that area for a minute?”

Some people don’t have time to go to two or three different therapists in order to address all the systems and experience all of these approaches. That is one reason that moved Tonia to develop The Body Journey. 


1.5 hours+ session  |  $250

One hour just isn’t enough time to address the whole body in such detail, plus it takes a while for the mind to let go. An hour and a half will give you just enough time to go to that inner place of pure bliss and peace. This is also a good choice if you are forced to do anything after your session. 


2 hours+ session  |  $300

This is the original length of The Body Journey. It gives time to leave no stone unturned. This session has time to address each area of concern with detailed bodywork, time for sound healing in key locations on the body and has time to coax the chi into places it maybe hasn’t been in a while. It is not about forcing anything. It’s about giving space to allow the magic to happen – remember, it’s always there; we just need to tap into it. This session is sure to do just that.


3 hours+ session  |  $400

Some people’s body’s just keep opening and opening – the longer they are worked on the more their body presents to the therapist to be addressed. This session is not for everyone, but if you want to go to nirvana and back and then back again like a 2.5 hour long vacation, then this is for you. Please don’t schedule much after this session.