“Tonia Lach is a massage therapist who is intuitive, skillful, and fully present with her clients. Each touch, from the first gentle beginning to the last leave-taking gesture, is felt as completely conscious, loving and compassionate. I have felt truly safe to open to every sensation and have experienced a deep relaxation, restorative and transformative energy through allowing Tonia’s hands and presence to meet and respond to whatever I am experiencing.”

Linda Ruth Cutts
Central Abbess of San Francisco Zen Center

I'm ready to bust out!

For 28 years I have been practicing bodywork in a tiny room with amazing clients that feel like family. I feel like I’ve never worked a day in my life – to love people, to gently guide them to their essence and heal their aches and pains in the process is not work, it’s an honor!! 

And now, it’s time to do more of my life’s work.  First, I’ve taken the best, most fun and effective parts of what I do in a client massage session, and combined it into long unique sessions called "The Body Journey".

Secondly, I've developed comprehensive hands-on classes that teach all of my best to certified massage therapists around the world.

For years I’ve been doing only what the client wants — which was great, and the 'people pleaser' in me was very satisfied — but now I have the confidence to practice what I know works. It may not be for everybody, and that’s ok. The Body Journey is for the cosmic person, the mystic, the seeker, the experience junky. If that’s you, I will take you on a multi-dimensional journey that will lull you into a hypnotic, chi pulsing, centered state of being.

My mission is to keep the “art” alive in massage therapy. Every massage is a dynamic dance between the therapist and recipient. As a massage therapist, you have trained your mind and hands with the technical information.  You trust and have confidence in all that you learned and now, LET YOURSELF GO, follow your intuitions, CREATE YOUR UNIQUE ART.

Your clients want your all, give it to them. Don’t limit yourself by doing only the routine that you were taught. I will show you what I have found to work for me over the years. But, I am not the expert – you are. You have YOUR touch that is unique to you. Let’s flush it out together.  





Private Practice

Owner of “Bodywork with Tonia Lach” from 1992 to present in Mill Valley and Sonoma Valley, CA – both practices are thriving with a wait-list.

Professional Training

Acupressure Massage Technician Certification from Berkeley’s Acupressure Institute
Chi Nei Tsang, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology

Professional Voice and Sound Healer Certification
Kaleo Sound Foundation

Certified Professional Coach
Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

AS in Life Sciences and Mathematics
College of Marin

Public Speaking Practice and Training
Toastmasters International,  and Landmark Education

Creator & Teacher

The Body Journey Certificate Program

Few New Moves

Marketing Magic – for Massage Therapists

2 hour massage clinics "refine your skills"


"Tonia has been an integral part of my maintenance team for 25 years. She has a near uncanny ability to locate the knots where stress of life accumulate and cause pain--often finding sore spots before I am aware of them. She kneads and stretches, reminds me to take deep breaths and I gradually remember what a relaxed muscle is supposed to feel like. I watch colors swirl behind my eyelids until I am so relaxed that it feels as if air is moving into my lungs on its own. I think this work over the years has taught me to find that deep relaxation more easily when I need it to deal with difficult situations. Tonia is a kind and caring professional with an intuitive healing touch."

 Dr. Catharine Clark-Sayles

Dr. Clark-Sayles is an outstanding poet; writing about her experience as a MD.