Are your massages getting drab? Spice it up a little with these two-hour clinic-style classes.  Massage is an ART and YOU are the artist!!

These clinics will make your work way more fun, efficient and effective. Each topic will give you not only fresh techniques, but an approach that can be integrated into your current style of bodywork. These pilot classes wont be offered for long -- they are a sneak preview to the groundbreaking multi-dimensional "Body Journey" style of bodywork. Take advantage of the bite-sized classes while they last. The clinics are as follows... sign-up for all seven and get one class free!

This series is held in Novato, CA, north of the SF Bay Area

October 26 -- Adding Sound to your Sessions -- simple toning techniques and effective places to tone into the body

Adding a little sound healing to your massages will enhance your sessions dramatically. Clients are usually blown away at how they can really feel the sound coming into their body. When touch doesn’t seem to open a spot, try sound; there is less resistance to sound – the area can’t help but to vibrate open.

I like to tone into the body when the area feels closed down energetically or if the client has low chi. Sound can boost chi – you need chi to move chi. Sound is the only technique I’ve noticed that gives the client energy. Also, I use sound as an offering – a gift.

We will learn toning with overtones and powerful points to tone into the body. We will also use resonant chimes to cleanse the aura.

November 9 -- Adding Detail Part 2 -- shoulders, forearms, scalp, neck, and knees

This is the kind of work that will set you apart. On certain clients you could spend a full hour on one shoulder, arm and hand (see Part 1 above). 

You know who they are -- carpenters, musicians, rock climbers, gardeners, even nursing mothers. How about 15 minutes on only the head (sound like heaven?), and 10-minutes of special attention on one knee (how loving is that?).

I will teach you some effective ways to work in these areas that will cause the body to keep opening and opening, allowing the chi to flow and true healing in the area to occur.

We will cover techniques in removing blocks in the shoulders forearms, neck, knees and scalp.

November 16 -- Over and Under Techniques -- work the anterior and posterior at the same time

If the front of the body can relax then the back can, and visa-versa. You will be doing one thing with one hand and another with the other. For example you can simply hold a tension spot on the pecs (under) while working the scapula (over) at the same time, or you can be massaging both areas at the same time. You will feel the tissue change in both spots – they are connected. What’s more; the client can’t keep their mind focused on what you’re doing, so the mind gives up – yay! More release can occur. This approach can be integrated with the techniques that you already know.

This class will focus on face-up scapula and pecs, hamstrings and quad, low back and tummy, and face-down quad and low back, pecs and scapula to triceps.

November 30 -- The Art and Timing of the PAUSE in a Massage

Allow your clients to linger in between the worlds. Ssshhh -- this is when the magic happens!

Pausing in a session and holding specific points will help the client to integrate the work immediately. You will act like a jumper cable to connect two or three main acupressure points; enlivening the meridian between your two hands.  During the pause, the client will usually drift off -- this allows the mind to let go. If the mind fully lets go, greater healing can occur in a session. If all of these special points are open then the chi can flow throughout the body; providing the client with an opportunity to have more energy and feel fully alive.

In this class we will practice feeling pulses, learn special points. Practice leaving the body without feeling your own hand leave and learn the timing of when to pause in a session.  

December 7 -- Adding Detail Part 1 -- Hands and Feet

This class will make your massages stand out. Clients love it when you stop in an area and pay super close attention to it. Sometimes peoples’ hands and feet can turn into clubs, instead of a hand or foot with individual fingers and toes.

I’ll show you how to dramatically open these extremities up so the chi can flow all the way to the end of the meridian.

In this class we will cover the hands – ligaments in fingers, metacarpal release, and the feet with real foot reflexology.