Ground-breaking approaches to bodywork

In The Body Journey, we get to play with three powerful approaches to healing, and artfully melt them together into a seamless experience.

Hands-on bodywork, sound healing and energy work all provide different avenues to release tension. But what if you could provide all of these modalities in one session?

Some people don’t have time to go to two or three different therapists in order to address all the systems and experience various healing approaches. That is one reason that motivated Tonia to develop The Body Journey.

When we release the blocks on the physical (bodywork), the energetic (acupressure), and the etheric (sound healing), your clients will feel like they are floating, that they see colors in their third eye, that they feel like pure energy, that they are in touch with their source and that they feel fully alive! How would you feel if you could provide that experience?

Be the "all-in-one" therapist for your clients.

Charge premium rates for this extraordinary work.

Have fun taking your clients to another dimension!

In this 30 hour (CEU’s offered) class you will receive high-quality training in:

  • Sound healing and toning techniques using polysonic voice toning, crystal bowls, chimes and drums

  • Signature moves that Tonia has refined for over 25 years

  • Foot reflexology and adding intricacy throughout the body

  • Charging up the chi in the Chinese Meridians and the Chakras

  • Feeling energy in your hands in order to find blocks, and move chi

  • Aura cleansing using resonant sound

  • Marketing to high end clients and charging what you're worth

By the end of the course, you will have mastered how to combine these techniques to seamlessly execute a 2+ hour session that takes your clients on an unforgettable journey. You will also be granted permission to use the body journey patented logo and charge premium rates for this service.



Please answer the questions below to begin exploring whether The Body Journey® training is a good match for you. Tonia will be in touch to discuss any questions you have and additional details about the program. If you'd like more information before applying, feel free to email