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Have you ever been to an energy worker and wished, “if only they would do a little muscle work on that spot?” Or, been in a massage and wished, “if only they would just pause and pay attention to the chi in that area for a minute?”

Some people don’t have time to go to two or three different therapists in order to address all the systems and experience all of these approaches. That is one reason that moved Tonia to develop The Body Journey.  



available in

Sonoma Valley

Mill Valley

& in Sausalito at CAvallo Point spa

Please contact the spa directly at (415) 339-4767

1.5-hour + journey  $250

If you don't have time to take the rest of the day off, we recommend starting with our shortest journey.  This session is customized according to client priority, incorporating all elements of the Body Journey including sound healing, Acupressure, and deep, intricate massage therapy.    Your body and mind will feel like you took a gentle walk by a bubbling creek, refreshed and rejuvenated! 

Men happily seen by referral only.


2-hour + journey $300

This is the original length of the Body Journey.  Taking this journey really gives your body, mind, and spirit a chance to rest and feel into your natural rhythm.  Incorporating sound healing, Acupressure, and deep, intricate massage therapy, the 2-hour session will give you a new resting place inside, more breath in your being, openness in your joints and muscles, and a sense of really having gone somewhere.  It's a mini-vacation!  

Men happily  seen by referral only


2.5-hour + journey  $375

When you are in need of deep rest, healing, and soul nourishment we recommend going on our longest journey.  Have you or someone you love been feeling overwhelmed, stressed, in need of nurturing?  With sound healing, intricate bodywork, and Acupressure, this journey will nourish you to your bones, and water the roots of your humanity.  Please book it when you really don't have anything else scheduled and you can integrate for a few hours afterwards. 

Men happily seen by referral only


Email to make an appointment or call 707-939-1988.

+ = time to be still and integrate on the table and time to journal after your journey.

Please plan on booking a few weeks in advance.



History for The Body Journey

The Body Journey was born on the massage table over 20 years ago. 

Tonia was working with a regular client, the space-music was playing in the background, the sun was setting, and the bustle from the outer world dimmed completely.  The client slipped between the worlds. Only she knew where she went -- or, did she?

After the one-hour session, that could’ve been three (because in this world there is no time) the client exclaimed, “Wow --that was a trip! – I used to do therapist-guided psychedelic journeys, and that massage was very similar to those experiences, just without the psychoactive ingredient.  Amazing!”   Tonia said, “it’s like a journey -- a journey with your body – A Body Journey!” AH HA!

And so it was born. 

Since then countless clients have described a similar experience on Tonia’s table. Some see rainbow colors in their third eye, others feel their chi pulsing from head to toe; others have complete energetic resolution of a problem that was swirling around in their heads before laying on the table.

Twenty-six years in the making, after extensive study in sound healing and Shamanic Journeying, Tonia is practicing and teaching this groundbreaking style of integrated work.