An ultimate massage experience!

sound healing  | deep, intricate bodywork  |  accupressure energy work



The Body Journey takes you somewhere new.


Feel your chi pulsing from your head to your toes. Connect with your essence. Get guidance from your innermost self. 

Massage is not just about technique, it’s an art. In The Body Journey, we get to play with three powerful approaches to healing, and artfully melt them together into a seamless experience.  

Hands-on bodywork, sound healing and energy work will get the job done, but what if you could experience it all in one session?


Get certified! Add The Body Journey to your list of services.

Want to learn new techniques in sound healing, energy work, & unique strokes that will lull your clients into a deep hypnotic state?

Don't just give a massage,  give a "Massage Experience" and take your practice to a whole new level.

"The Body Journey" will soon be trademarked and YOU will be one of the first to be able to offer this innovative style.